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How do you inspire a team, build a culture, and grow a business? For starters, it takes the right foundation of tools, technology, and talent strategically designed around intention, clarity, and focus. It takes the right people in the right roles, rallied around a vision they believe in. It takes process, governance, and operating models that align with compensation structure, workforce planning, and performance management. It’s an art as much as it is a science.

At Consultech, we specialize in advising, advancing, and adopting technology solutions to facilitate workplace transformation. We believe every person should be part of a company, culture, and career they are proud of, inspired by, and can succeed in. Because when employees are personally enriched, they are professionally empowered; and we all know that happy employees lead to happy customers.

From organizational effectiveness to employee healthcare and benefits; from multi-generational management to diversity and inclusion training. Consultech becomes a true partner to our clients in all areas of human capital management, bringing a fresh and holistic perspective to age-old organizational dynamics. Following a proven, four-phased approach—Assess, Design, Execute, Evaluate—our HR consulting solutions span the following focus areas:

Performance Management

The success of an entire organization comes down to the performance of multiple teams and departments, individual employees, and standard operating procedures. Each ingredient is necessary to ensuring all activities and outputs meet their desired goals and expectations, both effectively and efficiently. Performance management can include documenting job descriptions, to providing meaningful feedback and coaching, to instituting reward and incentive programs. The possibilities are endless. And when possibility is untapped, so too is potential.

Employee Engagement

An “engaged employee” is defined as one who is motivated and passionate about their work. Engaged employees are more likely to be brand ambassadors that positively represent your company and take exceptional care of your customers. This requires an understanding, both qualitatively and quantitatively, of the relationship between an organization and its employees which is exactly what the team at Consultech can help you achieve. By knowing what’s important to your people, you can then begin to build and implement programs that lead to cultural transformation.

Strategic Workforce Planning

This is the practice of mapping an organization’s talent strategy with its business strategy so the right people are in the right roles to succeed and take the organization forward. By proactively planning future hiring needs based on short- and long-term business goals, Consultech can help you assess the skills of your current employees, identify workforce gaps, establish KPIs, and execute on your talent acquisition efforts.

Organizational Effectiveness

To be most effective, leaders need to clearly understand their current capabilities and map them against prioritized objectives. These objectives must link back to the business strategy and springboard into targeted and measurable implementation plans. Organizational effectiveness is comprised of many facets—talent management, leadership development, organizational design and structure, measurement planning and scorecards, change management, and even smart technology. The team at Consultech brings decades of experience to each of these core HR functions which have enabled companies to turn their organizational vision into their competitive advantage.

Succession Planning

As the adage goes, the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago; the second best time is today. A concerted and continuous focus on leadership training and development is critical to preparing up-and-coming leaders for key roles as they become available. We’ll give you the strategies and the tools to plan for the future of your business, today.

COVID-19 Return To Office Planning

As an employer, if your business operations were interrupted, resuming normal or phased activities presents an opportunity to update your COVID-19 preparedness, response, and control plans. Consultech can help your organization as you transition back to the office. Consultech can create, implement and update a plan that is specific to your workplace, identifies all areas and jobs tasks with potential exposures to COVID-19 and includes control measures to eliminate or reduce such exposures.

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